In the midst of anything genuine there is a fake in this country.

The story of Nigeria and saboteurs reminds me of the story of Achan in the biblical account of the Israelites attacking the city of Jericho and Ai but was defeated by the latter due to the action of one man in the former. In brief Achan decided to disobey an instruction not to take anything belonging to the city they attacked and that caused them to be defeated by the next city they attacked. The sin of one man affected a whole nation.

The peculiarity of ours is that we have many people acting as one (saboteur) in one area, sector, industry, ministry, department, and agency. It really causes heartache knowing that while some people desire a better nation, some others are working against it. The news headlines are not helpful in making one to be hopeful for the future and where we are going. We have been on potential stage for over 50 years. Isn’t it bad enough that we still produce just about 1600 MW of electricity for well over 170 million people? South Africa produces about 40,000 MW for about 50 million people. 
What can we possibly achieve with such distribution level of electricity, what kind of industry can we actually build with that?

The reason for such level of power distribution by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is the vandalism of power facilities and this affects the gas level needed to provide power and this yet is sabotage by people who don’t know this affects everyone of us. This same trend is seen highly in the public sector, private sector, on the streets, car parks, churches, mosques, etc.

We can have people employed to clean the streets and get paid yet you will find people who still take pleasure in littering the same streets as they are being cleaned. We also have people who see destroying facilities like the streets lights or light poles as a worthy way to get back to government or whoever they think is the cause of their woes and challenges.

It seems like we are all running the wrong direction, everyone with a sole vision or goal of amassing wealth for themselves, family no matter how it is done; even if it impoverishes the next person. In the midst of anything genuine there is a fake in this country. Drugs are being counterfeited, water, clothes, software, computer applications, watches, electronics, books; even systems are being corrupted and replaced by something dubious and of low standards. The roads awarded to contractors or buildings are constructed badly for the sake of making profits not caring about the big picture of building something that can outlive generations.

This same attitude is also seen in government where people work against the goodwill and policies of either the president or governors irrespective of party affiliations. People now think that their individual or group interests supersede those of every Nigerian and Nigeria. They lay claim to the commonwealth of the nation and are willing to do anything to keep having access to it no matter who is dying or suffering from such irresponsible and irresponsive actions.

Talking about actions, we also have the challenge of inaction where people decide to do nothing when they have the power to actually do something.

Every state government should know that running a government based on revenue generated from tax alone is not sustainable yet they maintain the status quo. This is also is sabotage of not only the people who elected you but of your own conscience because at the end the excuse we get is in the payment of salaries due to limited revenues which you had the ability to actually do something about.

There are many areas of sabotage in the project called Nigeria. We are not yet working as one and unfortunately this has prolonged because the many array of leaders and government have refused to carry everyone along and develop a comprehensive plan that will focus everyone on a goal we can actually call a Nigerian Dream. We sure need a Nigerian Dream, a vision, direction, a common goal that will define the action and inaction of everyone.

The best way to address sabotage is to bring everyone to the table and find the elements of grievance and see if we can to an extent assuage everyone’s fear of discrimination, prejudice, hate and most importantly create a sense of belonging for every Nigerian. This is a core duty of the government and leadership at all levels.

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