I hope that title didn't come out very controversial in nature but before I proceed to make my argument clearer and less controversial, let me say my mentors are wonderful people who have guided me in many ways to take the right decisions. They are invaluable to me in many ways beyond what my title portrays.

Nevertheless they can still be wrong!

A mentor is human and is liable to make mistakes and misjudge situations simply because he might not have the full details about and he cannot be exposed to every life or business experience. The experience he has had in his adventure can never be same as what you will experience to be successful in life.

Also, we need to understand that a mentor’s advice comes from his personal experience, knowledge, exposure, location, the people he has interacted with, stories he has heard and every other thing that makes them more learned and exposed than you. Looking at the above listed factors that form his basis of advice to you, you will agree that he cannot have it all or know everything about this world or business decisions, ideas, processes and strategies. The best he can do is to tell you what he thinks from basic commonsense and if you have a mentor like mine, he will give you fact-based and proven principles with books to refer to.

This piece is not to make you to start disrespecting your mentor or people you look up to for guidance and advice; but to make you understand that sometimes you need to listen to your gut and that inner man. A mentor might not have time to give you all the attention all the time or give the best of advise. He also might not grasp the nature of the situation you find yourself, so he tends to misjudge or misinterpret sometimes.

Respect your mentor and their guidance to you but also learn to advise yourself and learn things on your own; that’s another way you can grow, gain experience, learn, relearn, unlearn and probably be a mentor to someone else.

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