Most people who would respond to this question will give you an answer because of their own personal, selfish, vested or business interests. Or why else would a Nigerian who is supposed to be spending the naira be bothered about the price of another’s man currency. Does your concern for the dollar prices and how cheap or expensive it is really show that you are truly patriotic or love your fatherland. For most people it is for business and personal interests, nothing more nothing less.

In saying the truth about your concern for the dollar; you are either importing goods to sell to your fellow citizens at a higher price that will benefit you or you are buying personal luxury items to show us how wealthy you are or justify your status and class. Now I have pointed out two things here; for business and for personal reasons. There can be other reasons but I believe these two are cardinal to others.

Anyone who has the wherewithal to buy foreign goods and products will also be able to use such huge amount of monies to do something worthwhile here in Nigeria without having to increase the wealth of other nations. This applies same to those who buy luxury items. You wonder why someone who imports high-end consumers goods cannot sit down, plan, strategize to start producing the indigenous brand of such products.

Is it a lack patriotic thinking or the lack of the ability to actually think well and right? Yes the dollar is high and we all are complaining because you would now spend more to get foreign made goods; please how patriotic is such thinking? Are we now our own colonialists?

Something is actually wrong because this is one of the things that get close to justify that something is wrong with the black man but thank God for Alh. Aliko Dangote who is proving that we can have our products compete favorably with foreign ones. Where then are our young people who have the ability to spend money in dollars, what is stopping us from channeling these amounts to starting companies that will produce the Nigerian and better versions of the ones you are used to.

Am not even talking about those who buy houses over, send their wards to school over there; these are not wrong but it seems we all don’t care what becomes of our nation so long as you feel you are comfortable to fly to any part of the world, nothing else matters. Our capitalists are satisfied with what they have achieved either selling oil or dealing in real estate forgetting that such empires are very much tied to a failing system called Nigeria and any other shake up like the oil scenario will vibrant all and sundry.

This talk of foreign exchange should be based on love for Nigeria and what becomes of her and not mere business and personal interests and right now I think the latter applies.

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