Men like Rob Kardashian are the reason revenge porn laws exist
Shanon Lee

I can’t not respond to this… I won’t comment on the race comments on the posts, as many of the comments have encapsulated what I feel regarding this story. However, I hesitate to call this revenge porn. Hear me out, revenge porn does imply their is a mutual understanding the photos or videos would be kept secret and confidential. From what I heard of the story, the media messages he posted and she sent were out of spite and in response to the unstable condition of their relationship. If she did do so, I think he has no obligation to keep them secret, as he did not agree to do so. Posting on social media is not “right” but is also not illegal. I think he should be reprimanded by whatever rules the platforms have, but don’t see that revenge porn laws should be brought up in this scenario.

Let’s call it when we actually see it, and give the man or woman the punishment they deserve for the crime they commit.

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