Amazon, why don’t your devices work together?

Travis McEndree
Feb 13 · 2 min read
Amazon Echo

With Amazon being the lead in the smart speaker industry, Amazon has enough power to lead and encourage other companies to innovate. In the last few years alone, Amazon has introduced some of my favorite features like Alexa Guard, Echo Home Theater and Apple Podcast integration with Echo. If there is something that I enjoy about Amazon’s smart device ecosystem, it’s that unlike Google, Amazon improves their services and devices all the time, whereas Google and Apple’s offerings have remained largely the same with barely any new features since being released, or having features added, removed and then added back again. That being said, Amazon needs to improve how their devices talk to each other like Google and Apple do.

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub

Show visitors on your smart display and TV

If you have a Nest Doorbell and Google Nest Hub, you can enable “visitor announcements” which allows Google to send notifications and a video stream to your smart devices without you even asking. This is a great example of having your own first-party products communicate with each other. Amazon can easily have feature parity with Google as they own Ring, have smart displays and a streaming stick. Google goes one step further by tagging faces so if you’re spouse or child rings the doorbell, Nest will notify you that “Hank Hill is at the front door”. Due to FireTV running Android, instead of taking over your whole screen and interrupting what you’re watching, Amazon could create a picture-in-picture feature for special cases like this with smart doorbells.

Disclaimer: As of 2020, Amazon recently added the ability to answer the Ring Doorbell via Echo Speakers without screens.

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