How to get an Alexa Notification for anything.

Travis McEndree
May 18, 2019 · 2 min read
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(Requirements: IFTTT Account, Notify Me Alexa Skill, Basic Knowledge on IFTTT applets)

Install the Notify Me skill linked above. This will send you an email with an access code. Save that code in a note.

This is what your email should look like

Save the following in a note, and put your access code where it says: “ENTER YOUR ACCESS CODE HERE”. Don’t remove the quotation marks!


Method: Post


Body: {“notification”: “Enter Text Here”, “accessCode”:“ENTER YOUR ACCESS CODE HERE”}

Creating your IFTTT Applet

(Choose your IF Trigger. For this example, I’ll be using YouTube. As long as your service is an IF, this will work for anything)

My Applet Idea is:

IF Craig’s Tech Channel uploads a video

THEN send me an Alert via Alexa. You’ll do this with Webhooks. Your Applet should be:

IF _____ Than Webhook.

This is where your access code comes up again. Here is a draft of what you’re going to be doing in the webhook field.

URL: (put this in the url field)

Method: Post (change method to post)

application/json (Content type is application/json)

Body: {“notification”: “Enter Text Here”, “accessCode”:“ENTER YOUR ACCESS CODE HERE”}

This is where it can get tricky. Put your body text with your access code in the field. From there, delete where it says “Enter Text Here” and click add ingredient underneath the body. This will change with whatever service you are using. For YouTube, You’ll chose “Author Name” and “Title”. Between the two, you’ll want to put “uploaded a new video called”.

It should look like: “AuthorName” uploaded a new video called “Title”.

Make sure to disable notifications (via IFTTT) that way these won’t also go to your phone)

Your Applet is finished! Once triggered, you’ll get an alexa alert!

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Hi, I’m Travis. I am an Amazon and Microsoft obsessed fanboy. I am currently writing a series about Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Alexa. Follow for more 🙂

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