How to get Night Light/Night Shift on your FireTV

Travis McEndree
Jul 8, 2019 · 3 min read

(I only recommend this on TVs and Firestick 4K. If you have an older Firestick, I do not recommend running this due to limited ram)

Twilight for Android TV/FireOS

Twilight for Android is an app that automatically changes your screen during a specified time to appear more orange/red. This is to attempt to reduce the amount of blue light that you see. Blue Light is great during the day, as it emulates the light of the sun. However, on a late night, it’s probably not the best to look at the sun.

Twilight works for Android TV, and luckily, fireOS is a modified version of Android. I’ll walk you through a guide to install the app!


When you have downloader installed, using your Fire TV app, paste the link into the URL bar of downloader and press go.

Paste the link into the URL Bar as shown above

This should automatically download the APK and show an install window. Install Twilight and you’re finished with the complicated part.

Once installed, you should see the apps on your recent row. Open it and it and it may ask for permissions, grant the app the permissions it asks for. (If location is asked, it’s due to geotracking so it activates when the sun goes down, this option doesn’t work for me)

Configure Twilight for Your Fire TV

Configure Twilight the way you like it. I won’t share my setup because everyone is different. Though, I recommend something within the 1750k-2250k range.

From then, intensity allows you to change the effect of how strong the blue light filter is. You might want something that isn’t too strong (0–40) or you might want something higher.

Set the times you want Twilight to change your settings!

Screen dim allows you to dim your screen (duh!). Very useful when it’s late at night (10:30PM-4AM) and you don’t want to be blinded by your TV. Try playing with it while you’re in the dark and you’ll be amazed how dramatically different the amount of light coming through is!

Transition time is the amount of time it’ll start changing the screen. So, I have my startup time at 10:30pm. That means at 9:30PM, it’ll start to ease in the red light and the screen dimmer. It makes it less noticeable than it changing within 10 minutes of your desired time. It’s like how Night Shift and Night Light on Windows works.

That’s it! You’ve installed a blue light filter on your fireTV!

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