Why iCab Mobile should be your default browser on iPhone

When you think of browsers on iOS, You think of Safari, Google, Firefox, etc. These are all great browsers, and they all have great features and use cases, but if you’re looking for a browser that can do all that and more, you should look at purchasing iCab Mobile on iOS.

Travis McEndree
Dec 8, 2017 · 5 min read

To put it out there, this browser isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re easily startled by too many options, iCab Mobile may scare you away. If you’re someone who loves having options, great!

1. iCab Mobile allows for deep customization, not available in other browsers.

With iCab Mobile, you’ll be able to make the browser truly yours. You have control over every aspect of the browser. Be it the interface, or how your browser works.

I have iCab setup to be dark as I think white is blinding to the eye in a dark room. I also have it to create a streamlined yet useful user interface.

As you see from the picture above, the browser has many buttons along the bottom and here’s what they do:

(from left to right)

  • 🔼 Action Menu: This menu contains options for add-ons, filling in passwords enabling a feature called Twin Browser which I’ll talk about next.
  • 📖 Personal Data: This menu contains features related to managing your data. Bookmarks, History, Adding Widgets can be found here.
  • 🕶 Reading List: This menu is for saving content for later, similar to Safari
  • 📑 Tabs: By default, iCab Mobile displays your tabs in both this menu, and on the top of the app. I personally didn’t like this as it felt redundant, so I removed it. What I like about this menu, is that instead of displaying full previews like Safari, it shows your tabs in a list style. This means more tabs can fit into your screen at a time.
  • ❌ Full Screen: This button completely hides the interface and and shows translucent buttons for useful actions such as tabs, exit fullscreens, share, etc.
  • 🔲 Modules: This right here is probably one of my favorite features of iCab Mobile. These are all add-ons, some of which you can even install, that you can use to save, share and use utilities with. I use the URL Shorterner and SMMRY which is basically a TL;DR extension that trims down long pages into a few paragraphs or even sentences.
  • ⬇️ Downloads: This menu provides information on active and past downloads. You can import files, share to your cloud storage and tons more here.
  • ⚙️ Settings: Quite obvious but this menu provides you all your options. There’s so many options, it’s like a power users dream.

2. Twin Browser Mode

This feature is personally my favorite feature of iCab Mobile. Have you ever needed to lookup information, while simultaneously needing to do your work or read your news? This feature has you covered.

As you can see above, while I read MacStories, my favorite Apple related website, I can also simultaneously read up about Luna Lovegood, a fellow Ravenclaw, on Pottermore. I imagine this feature will be much more popular with iPhone X, Pluses and iPads though!

3. Built in tools like Filters, Backup, User Agents and Web Page Control.

Filters in iCab Mobile allow you to enable or disable behavior of webpages online to enhance your experience on the web. This can be blocking ads, CSS and even URLs. A side from that, you can change your browser agent. I frequently use an Android UA and a Googlebot agent to prevent those pesky “Download our app in the App Store!” boxes.

These settings are great if you’re crazy about not leaking your personal data to third parties on the web. Here you can control who stores cookies on your device and if third party websites can be notified of your visit to the main page.

4. Privacy Settings

These are just some of the many privacy settings. Here you’ll find data you can delete, but I want to talk about the blurred app switcher preview.

With this setting, you can prevent someone from having a clear view of what you’re browsing when they’re using your iPhone.

5. Guest Mode

Guest Mode is a unique feature. Let’s say you give your son or daughter your phone to browse the web, but you don’t want them to mess or add to your personal data. This feature acts similar to Chrome’s Profile feature on the desktop. This will prevent the person using your device from adding cookies, history, etc as these are all wiped away as soon as you leave guest mode. Use this with guided access, and you’ll find yourself falling in love!

6. Long Press Quick Actions

This is a feature I have just discovered, and it’s a very useful one at that!

Many Elements of the UI have hidden actions when you long press them! Holding the reload button allows you to reload without filters meaning if a site is forbidding you to use an adblocker, you can quickly turn it of to access such information. My favorite is defiantly the quick action for the reading list as it integrates with Pocket!


iCab Mobile is a great browser for any use case. It’s great for personal, business and kid cases. iCab Mobile has something for everyone, and in my honest opinion is worth your attention.

Travis McEndree

Written by

Hi, I’m Travis. I am an Amazon and Microsoft obsessed fanboy. I am currently writing a series about Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Alexa. Follow for more 🙂

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