Material Design and the Mystery Meat Navigation Problem
Teo Yu Siang

There seems to be a lot of opining going on here, with Hatfields on one hand and McCoys on the other arguing for their preferences. Is there any evidence around to bring to this conversation? I think Nielson was evidential, but it’s pretty old, does it still apply?

How hard would it be for e.g. Android to get some data on this? I can imagine a setting in my Nexus for text only, text-and-icon, or icon only UX displays.

My own sense based on my own experience is:

a. Some people would favor one or the other based on personal preference

b. My own context changes over time, as I get used to the app.

An example is browser bookmark bars. These now in most cases have exactly the choices I’m identifying. I find some icons really are enough on their own, while others need a label, so I add a label.

I’m actually presenting two ideas here, now I realize. One is, Google or Apple or whoever could give options to please almost everyone, and two to capture the data to see who likes what over what period of time.

My thoughts on this.

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