Upcycled and DIY furniture allows people to show their creativity while saving tons of money on designer furniture. With all of the furniture that is mass produced, why not have an accent piece that truly stands out?

The Oenophile’s DIY Wine Barrel Table

This is the perfect table for oenophiles. If you live in Sonoma county, you can easily find a wine barrel to salvage for this project. For those who don’t live near the vineyards, you can find wine barrels online at Etsy or Ebay for under $50. Pair this DIY wine barrel table with some barstools for an outdoor patio table or dining table. For the al fresco diner, you can design your glass table top to have an umbrella hole at an online glass designer shop. Before you submit a patio table top order, be sure to have your measurements ready. Accentuate the beautiful oak wood barrel by pairing it with a bronze colored glass table top.

Steampunk Salvaged Auto Parts Table

Incorporate design elements from car parts to create a one of a kind table. Once you have the car parts form a table base, top it off with a custom size table top to complete the table. After you clean your glass table top thoroughly, apply clear glass table top pads to keep your table top from sliding. Silicone sealant also helps to keep the table top in place- just be sure to use clear silicone.

DIY Acrylic Desk

Image Source: http://www.gomodern.co.uk/store/files/large-product-images/GM-WORK-01-1-large.jpg

The No Drill DIY Acrylic Desk

It’s amazing what you can do with acrylic sheets and construction glue. Beginners can create a basic design by gluing three acrylic sheets together that will form the two legs and the top of the desk. The basic design will not involve the wheels nor the slide out keyboard tray. The height of the desk will depend on your preferences. Adding extra height to the desk will make it easier to do your work when you prefer to stand.

Acrylic Desk With A Sliding Keyboard Tray & Wheels

For those who decide to replicate the look entirely, you will need to order an extra acrylic sheet to attach the wheels. When drilling into acrylic sheets, use a small amount of WD 40 to lubricate the sheet. Proceed with caution by starting with a small drill bit at first. You will need to buy a sliding keyboard tray to complete the look or to keep the look uniform, use another acrylic sheet as your keyboard tray and buy a keyboard tray slider hardware kit for around $10.

Cubed Mirror Coffee Ottoman Table

Image Source: http://www.interiorsbycolor.com/mirrored-cube-coffee-table-2/ http://teresasdesk.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/mirrored-cube-coffee-table.jpg

Upgrade an old ottoman storage cube into a beautiful cubed mirror coffee table. After you remove the upholstery, clean the sides down and glue custom cut mirrors or acrylic glassless mirrors with mirror mastic onto the bare bones of your ottoman. It will be easier to order the right dimensions for squared cube mirrors. If you prefer a different shape, you can still get rectangular custom cut mirrors and mirror strips for this project. For those who want a more subtle mirror, try tinted mirror glass in bronze or gray.

Have you made DIY furniture or upcycled furniture? Share your DIY projects in the comments section below.

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