To All of My Friends, I am an Asshole.

Seriously, you shouldn’t trust me. I’m relatively untrustworthy and I speak my mind when I shouldn’t. Leaving conversations while others are still talking and interrupting others constantly to speak my mind and express my feelings, you’ll probably think I have aspergers. However, the proper understanding and acceptance of these things is what makes myself and my friends better people.

Let me explain: we are all absolutely and undeniably crazy. Some much more than others for sure, but still crazy nonetheless.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

This probably needs a fair amount of elaboration. Everyone is flawed either to a tragic degree or just enough to be an inconvenience. Nature vs nurture, childhood or adult bullying, difficult upbringings, abusive relationships, or any other struggles create a kaleidoscope of personalities and neurotic behaviors that we should all be cognizant and appreciative of. I really do mean appreciative — because out of this petri dish of bad decisions grows our personalities. Some can handle these difficulties in stride while others need some help along the way (which we’ve all been fortunate enough to get along the way through life).

Why should I bring this up? Isn’t this obvious? Well if we’re to become better individuals and better people as a whole we need to be more cognisant of other’s difficulties and be more open in discussing them. Part and parcel of our times that has hindered ourselves from admitting our faults is the unending race that social media and the “me too” culture has created. Getting a faster car, better body, bigger paycheck, more attractive boyfriend or girlfriend, and showing off your fantastic lifestyle on Bragchat — I mean Snapchat — to everyone and anyone has created persona worship. In the process of running a race that’s setup to have you always lose, you’ve made yourself a contemptible asshole with all of the baggage everyone else has. To live a better life we all need to better understand why others may behave the way they do while also not totally giving a fuck at your friend’s insanities. Stop the self worship, get out of the race, admit we’re all insane, put down your phone, and learn to love you and your friend’s insanities for once.

That’s why I’m a crazy asshole and everyone should love me for it.


Your insane friend Mark.