Journal Update

Day Seventeen (October 20, 2015): 8:00am — 9:30 am Discuss Aurelius’ Meditations in the context of Stoic philosophy. Discuss the MLK memorial.

Aurelius’ Meditations provides insight in how to be ,what i would consider, the most optimal stoic.

Stoicism- being conservative in dress, food, austere / modest lifestyle; without emotion

  • Hyper-conciencous of things they can or can not change
  • Nature/God

2:00pm- 2:30 pm- The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial was very underwelhming and reminded me of the political ropoaganda rampant today. The statue up until very recently had a quote that was insulting to say the least to Dr.King. It was a direct line from his speech on economic equality and opportunities and the line they included “the little drummer boy for freedom” was completely taken out of context. The line reads if you remember me as anything “DONT remember me a sthe little drummer boy for freedom”, he goes on to say that he is fighting for so much more than that.

7:00 pm- 8:00pm — retype and rewrite classnotes to prep for exam, make study guide

8:00pm- 9:30 pm- Read William Deresiewicz’ article, “Solitude and Leadership.” Take notes on your questions and responses.

  1. According to Deresiewicz’ what does it mean to be “alone with your thoughts?” How does someone achieve this? You can be alone in your thought by meditating or even day dreaming. I think that it is accurate that leaders need to meditate in order to be strong leaders. They must be secure,confident and strong in their own opinions and decisions before convincing an entire following to be unwavering. I am often alone in my thoughts because I am an intrvert and ,although I hold many leadership positions that require socializing; interacting with others is always draining to me. Therefore, I spend lots of time just ruminating in my thoughts.
  2. In your view today, what challenges do you face in thinking for yourself? List at least five, but even more if you can.

Some challenges I face include constant distraction not limited to other people or social media. I am often interrrupted in my solitude by phone calls asking me for event updates, eta’s,agendas,etc. People often distract me ,when i want to stay home they are convincing me to go out. Social media was one of my biggest distraction i used to check Instagram and update my tumblr daily but lately I have taken a break from immersing myslef in other peoples lifes to focus on my own.I think it has made me much more productive.

Day Eighteen (October 22, 2015):8:00am — 9:30am - Discuss Deresiewicz’ article on “Solitude and Leadership.” Discuss Susan Engel’s The Hungry Mind: The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood, esp. Chapter 8: The Uses of Time and Solitude. Review for Exam Two.

  1. Review for Exam Two. Summarize the questions we have tackled thus far in the course. Identify the gaps in your understanding. Compare your list with other classmates. Work together or separately to fill in the gaps of your understanding.


Marcus Aurelius



Pheado — Socrates as a leader

Xenophone- Socrates grandiosity — I’m in trouble because you all ja

Xenophones apology



The meditations



Alcibiades as a leader vs. Socrates as a leader

Traits of physcopath and how much Socrates, Marcus a. Have opposite or share traits?

Is he glib? Superficial? Manipulative? Impression management ? Instrumental aggression? Grandiose?

Solitude and leadership

Socrates gadfly?

Study Session- 8:00 pm — 9:00pm Question and Answer time with Earyn McGee

9:00pm — 10:30 pm — Attempt at spider chart , flash cards, review of literature

Day Nineteen (October 27, 2015): Exam Two.

Assignments (all assignments begin at the end of the class day on which they are assigned and must be completed by the beginning of the next class):

  1. What do leaders need to know about love, either love between friends or romantic love? Leaders should know that love between friends is important ,ther eare various leadership styles and ways to get people to follow you including having followers that respect you, fear you and love you. Having friends that you love dearly can aide you in your role and protect you from outside forces as well as keep you grounded in traits neccesary to a greatleader. Romantic love is important becuas although it can be seena sa distraction, which i view it as, it can also be a source of great joy and fufillment. Leaders maynot be enjoying lie t its fullest or leading a truly fufilling life by neglectign their love life.

I disagree with this sentiment becuase as I read Phyliica Rashaad’s “Letter to Young Women/ Younger Self” I took note of how romantic involvement especailly at such a young age is a distraction and use of energy that could best be spent investing in ourself and success rather than any relationship or childish boy that will not neccesarily work out later in your life nor add value to your current situation. She says that if only she had put as much effort into herself as she did her romances, she would be even more succesful now. And as a student leader,future judge, future banker, future philanthropist and future human rights actvist. I think it is very important to build my foundation for the life I want now, versus putting effort into unfufilling, lack luster and lukewarm college romances with people who dont even know what they want in a partner much less in their future .

  1. Do leaders need to read poetry? Why or why not?
  2. Read this short biography of Sappho, as well as Sappho 16 (with discussion here) and Sappho 31. Why might it be important for a leader to know these poems well?

Sappho 16 seems to me to be about leadership in war and how it pales in comparison to love. He states in the last stanza that he would rather even look at his beloved than the most successful primed fighting army.

Sappho 31 is about a woman in love with another woman , who is already married to a handsome man. Initially, reading the poem I thought it was by a man , however, wih more context- the emotion an detail signifies a female author.