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So Zaza is a dirty player now? And yes, I’ve seen the footage of him with the Mavs, but he hasn’t done anything like that in his entire tenure with the Warriors. Why would he do something like that now? With the way injuries affected the Dubs in last year’s playoffs, you don’t think they’re sensitive to this kinda stuff? And like ZP mentioned, they’re all athletes that have played this game their entire lives, no one would cause that kind of injury intentionally. A forearm shiver, hard screen or even holding someone down is very different from sticking your foot under someone’s airborne ankle. Also, you try stopping 275 lbs after sprinting full speed at someone trying to block a shot. Suggesting another professional would attempt to derail a colleague’s career like that is asinine.

I mentioned this in another post, but all of a sudden the world hates the Warriors. Is it because of our long history of success? Because you all are jealous of the beautiful weather in the Bay? Maybe because life is so much better in California? I don’t know, but it sucks. We’ve been awful FOREVER and deserve whatever accolades we earn. We drafted Steph and Klay and Draymond and Harrison/Matt Barnes. 6 years ago it was a big deal to get a free agent like DAVID LEE to even consider coming here. 5 years ago we were ecstatic that Andre Iguodala would even take a meeting with us. You know what we celebrated last week?? The WE BELIEVE TEAM. You know the team that lost in the second round of the playoffs? That was the highlight of the last 40 years of Warriors basketball before the current run.

We follow the literal blueprint of (extended) rebuilding, strike lightning a few times, work our way up in the ridiculously talented West, win a championship with homegrown talent and are supposed to care what you think when Kevin Durant wants to smell what we’re cookin? GTFOH.

We have scraped the bottom of the NBA bowl. We’ve been the humble team and fans excited just to be on national TV. That spirit is still there. There’s no way that freak injury was intentional. Just ask David Lee, whom his foot landed on 1 minute earlier. Or maybe listen to Kawhi.