To put it bluntly, your view of capitalism is naive.
Martin Doucha

Thank you for the comment. I appreciate bluntness and respectfully disagree. I believe workers did indeed benefit from their hard work as the prices of manufactured goods collapsed, as industrial wealth funded large investments in public infrastructure, and as their own political leverage increased to demand better working conditions and wages. Organized labor was a triumph for everyday people (in the beginning) who wouldn’t have been able to organize had production remained scattered in households and farms and sub-scale local outfits.

I am sure neither of us will convince the other, but I do appreciate the chance to have a dialog about it. In the meantime, I will look forward to all the wonderful challenges and gifts that industrialized science, technology, production, and distribution bring to all our lives. Sometimes it’s slow, often it’s unequally enjoyed but it’s much better than the savage and oppressive world that came before.

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