I should quite like to know how Mr.
Steve Smith

Thank you, Steve, for the comment.

I expect that the worst of human nature — which predates capitalism by thousands of years — will persist. Regulation or the lack of it is a political decision. No capitalist will regulate herself or himself beyond what their own moral code dictates. Politics will have to step in to reallocate the pie if enough people want that.

I think our history as a capitalist civilization has been marked by alternating periods of very unequal “growing the pie” (tech and industrial revolutions where new fortunes are made by a relatively small group) and “dividing the pie” (political revolutions which redistribute the rights and wealth of the now-enlarged pie). It is frustrating that people are hurt during the “grow the pie” phase, but it is for me preferable to the alternative where no one is allowed to grow rich if that same level of wealth is unavailable to everyone all at once.

I think that enforcing equality breaks the machine, so to speak. Of course, we are in constant danger of breaking the machine in other ways. If the “grow the pie” period brings enough pain to enough people who are politically active, then the political pie division gets ugly very quickly.

I know we may differ on these points, but it was very nice to meet you on Medium.

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