Document, Don’t Create: Day 4

Facial Imbalances and Acceptance

So today I did my third shift of three hour blocks in the studio. I am getting more confident and able as an instructor. Next week I will also be doing a course on breathing run by the studio owner and physiotherapist. I’m looking forward to that as I have become more aware of my breathing and voice through having to give instructions.

My mum actually took me to a breathing coach few years ago but we didn’t complete all of my sessions with him because she found him a bit weird or confronting or something. I have begun to realise the importance of paying attention to what our bodies tell us. For so long I actually hid away from the camera because I didn’t like how I looked. Now that I have been forcing myself to make video logs and take selfies to upload to Instagram (self indulgent much?) I have been able to identify the reason.

I don’t move the right side of my face. I actually talk, eat, smile and do most things out of the left side of my face. Which makes my face look way less symmetrical and for me to photograph like really strangely. Most people agree that I don’t look like that in person. My conclusion is actually that we usually focus on one eye or one part of someone when we talk to them. Therefore, people probably usually focus on either my left or right side and don’t notice the difference as much so they are normally shocked when they see photos of me.

This is kind of hilarious to admit but I think I am going to start actually doing some facial exercises. Now maybe the selfies can be a documentation of the difference the exercises can make to my face. I feel it will probably link up to many other parts of my body. I wonder what all the subtle difference are going to make to my health and even what these imbalances could mean for the rest of my health.

Just one way to find out…