Listen to Your Nurse: It’s Time for Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act
Bonnie Castillo

I just worry about how this is going to get paid for. I worked as a nurse for nearly 50 years and it has not gotten so bad as it has in the last 15 years. Our gov. needs to put costs controls on health care; there is no need of management making 7 figure salaries and charge people with insurance more than those on medicaid. Years ago hospitals were none profit and it worked better than what it seems to be doing today. People should not lose their homes, savings or anything else due to health care but I do not believe single payer is the way to go; there just be another way to solve the problem. I have written to my senators complaining about salaries of ceo’s and I hear ‘we are looking into it, but it ends there. Costs of procedures are overpriced, too many in management who have not done pt care in years or probably not at all, telling the bedside nurse how she should take care of pt. They could eliminate the middle man on pharmaceuticals someway. I cannot imagine any hospital refuing to drain a persons lungs because she could not afford it; if for nothing else you would do it for comfort. In 50 yrs I have never heard of such a thing. I do not believe single payer is going to pay for “everything” They will limit what they will pay for; just like medicare. I am on medicare now and pay nearly 500 per month for medicare and trust me they do NOT cover everything. I pay for this out of my social security benefit and I am a widow with just one salary. There has to be a better way to provide and pay for care. Do not forget Charlie Gaard in England because I am sure you will see more of that. Hospitals were better in the 60–70’s when dr ran healthcare and not some outsider who has a business degree. I am sorry, but I do not believe single payer is the way; so not all nurses are for it.

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