I Saw Red, Oh Rose!

Brianna McGowan
1 min readFeb 24, 2020


I sew red thread into my skin
Bleeding an embellished pattern
Twirling thorny stems with soft fingers
Oh rose, I’m getting older

Bloody Hell, Bloody Hell
I’m under your spell — hard to tell
When I need to change and find direction
Dancing wild, crash the sounds, I’m dancing wild

I am formless, I lose my body
I lose my body
Puff of smoke
A swarm of bees, a murmuration of starlings
Traveling butterflies
I’m in migration, hypnotized by an
Insatiable desire to run, to get away

In search of my breath,
Have you seen my breath?

Quiet your racing heart
You’ll fall apart!
Don’t judge as I pick up
My pieces and put them in wrong places
Like a child playing with dirt
Unaware if I’m hurt

New cracks on my skin
Are a map of where I’ve been -
I’m just passing through
I’m in migration



Brianna McGowan

Dancing at the intersection of programming and spontaneity. I have the strength to be better, and to love. Twitter: @mcgowanbrianna1