We’re Ready

Brianna McGowan
2 min readJul 30, 2019

Dark chocolate covered so sweet
Bee’s honey dripping slowly as you speak
Strutting your coco butter sheen
Soft waves of r&b bouncing
Like your curly hair in thick humidity

Scared of what you see
Constantly thinking of what could be
Feeling repressed in democracy
Confronting all the time in DC
Trying to just BE is exhausting

The silence between the noise
Is the only time you can think
Without influence of social persuasions
Social medias carelessly acting like reality
Teaching our youth empty morality

And when you hit a quiet street…

And when you hit a quiet street
You walk a little more slowly
Maybe you hear a rhythm in your head
to the drums of your stepping
Walking in peace

You get a flower tattoo
When lovers find it - it’s a clue to remind you
Of a world forever in bloom
Vibrant and beautiful hues
Each petal drying from morning dew

Put oil on your skin to keep it from drying
What is the oil for your soul?
When it gets ashy
Impossible to remedy
Neglected but desperate for healing

It’s not our fault we are re-learning
The powers of healing for black bodies
Because in America long, long ago
Ancestral knowledge was stripped from black psyche
Attempted to remove resilience from our genes

Forced diasporas creating new culture
New languages teaching
Putting words to our feelings
Of how to love and take care of our beings
So we can finally start the process
Of healing

We’re ready



Brianna McGowan

Dancing at the intersection of programming and spontaneity. I have the strength to be better, and to love. Twitter: @mcgowanbrianna1