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Art by David Choe

It’s been a while since I’ve asked myself this question

They waxy leaves green, once sweating with

The spring dew, have withered brown

And their brittle, little remains faintly sound

Under the slightest of weight

The eager sun that beacons the world awake

The crisp apple mornings of fall turned sharp

Striking hard

The cold wintry sky

Contrasting the buoyant sunrises of summer that

Tickled the blue sky pink

Teasing the day

The sunsets flirting with night

Everything now seems curt, stymied

Nature’s growth has stopped and it reflects

Not only in the leaves, but itself manifesting

In the rushed

The quicker

The quieter

The world seems like a hollow bowl

Where everything


Reverberating back and forth and back and forth and

I think I’ve heard that before?

The echoes echo and I’ve lost the

Original thought.

Thoughts that were born from compulsive creation

Radical and daring

Nutrients to the soil of this nation

Seeping through

The smooth warm folds that crease

At both sides of our heads

The wrinkly little works of art

Absorbed — instead of echo

And if you were to detach them from your skull, and put them together -

They would form little hearts

That could listen

With love

It would be remiss to blame the weather

As the reason we now cover them with

Muffling muffs. Ear-cuffs.

No, the responsibility lies within us

And I, at times, catch myself shirking

As I enjoy a warm evening

Easily forgetting those who would be

Cold that night

Their plight

Shunned from natural rights

Pushed to the shadows — under the bridges

In the alleys

Where the sun seems to

Trip over and over and over again

But shadows are normal, right?

Consider yourself lucky to be whipped by

Next morning’s light

Quicker you walk the sooner

Truth are hidden from sight

Blurry eyed, blurry mind

Non-committed, and passive

You were there

Where was I?

Where was I?

Oh yea — Who do I want to be?

Don’t tell me wait

For what?

Wait until my time is up?

No, I’m alive

But I do want the courage to slow down

The wisdom to recognize

With ears that listen

And love that liberates

Denying the expensive walls of hate

To plant seeds of justice -

Loving each day

So they grow come May

Fiercely reaching for the light

To do what is right

To resist the winter of the mind

To resist the winter of the mind

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