To Yield to the White Flag…or not?

There is something scary about letting a person back in your space. You moved them out (or they voluntarily moved out, it depends) for a particular reason, a reason you believe you’ll always remember so that you make sure they don’t mess you up again. Keep them at bay. Keep them as far as possible. But for the sake of “forgive and forget”, “people change”, and whatever other societal sayings you can think of…you consider opening your doors.This person appears to want to fix things. This person appears to be waving a white flag, but you’re not sure if the flag is purely white. You’re afraid you might miss a spot. A faded stain hidden by the folds of the otherwise white flag. So you’re squinting, giving them the side-eye, your door is not fully open, and you’re standing at the opening. You’re skeptical.

Do you open the door and let them in? Or do you take a step back and close it?