seminar one

week one: 8.29

Hello. My name is MacKenzie, however I will also answer to a variety of nicknames. Names that range from the obvious, like Kenz or Mac, to the more obscure, like Kenzington and Cherbs.

I come from a background in graphic design as well as jewelry/metals. Being able to create a physical object with my own two hands has always been a joy of mine and continues to be. While professionally I chose to pursue a path in design, exploration of various materials and processes is at the forefront of all that I do. It is that exploration that has led me to explore textiles, metals, hand lettering, and even quilting. As my views of design continue to shift, I am eager to discover new materials/processes, intertwine them with what I learn, and apply them.

What is interaction, what is design, and where do you stand?

I currently stand on the summit of a mountain, looking out on a brand new world, about to BASE jump. That past few years have transformed my view of design. The design I thought I knew—typography, color, space, posters, books, websites—had been expanded. The world made me aware that design is so much more than I thought. Design is still what I had always known, but it is also products, services, interfaces. It can bring people together, it can elicit emotions, it can change the world. Much like design, my view of interaction recently expanded. For so much of my life it was the interaction between humans, parent and child, student and teacher, peer to peer, but it is also a long-distance relationship through FaceTime and a bench that can charge phones. Interactions have moved beyond human-to-human, they can be human-to-object and even object-to-object. The next two years, of which I am about to BASE jump into, will continue to broaden my understanding of design.

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