3 Easy Ways to Become an Expert Focus Puller

Found pulling focus a difficult job to perform? If yes, you’ll be pretty glad to know that you are not the only one who’s been trying to accomplish this task. If not completely successfully in the beginning, at least you should get a hang of it, so when you give a shot again to pulling focus a few days down the line, you shall not face any problem in doing so.

No doubt about the fact that pulling follow focus is a job that one would find awfully tough when it comes to carrying out. You ask yourself “Why?” Well, the physical act is a simple one, but the mental pressure is huge. Even if you are not an amateur who’s backed by years of experience under the belt, sharpening the skills continuously seems more like a persistent battle in which you have no choice but emerging to be a winner.

Thinking about becoming a better focus puller over the weekend? Don’t worry! There are some easy ways that will let you pull this job successfully. After all, all it takes is some dedication and not to mention, your valuable time you cannot afford to be running short of.

1.Guess and measure distances

What can be the easiest way for becoming an expert focus puller than becoming extraordinarily skillful at guessing distances? Why not try for becoming a human measuring tape?

So, walk into a room with any measuring device followed by sitting in its corner. Now choose an object, pen your best guess for its distance, and have it measured from where you were sitting. Know the right measurement? If yes, you have to have the same compared against the guess you’ve made a few minutes ago. Once done, try and get a feel for how far you think it is. Not only will guessing help you, but you must learn to evaluate in order to get a sense for what 4, 8 or 12 looks like.

We suppose you have gotten good at this. Now you can even proceed to guessing depth-of-field by picking up any object you could possibly think of, a random focal length, and then undergo the process in which you have to guess as well as check with a depth-of-field calculator. Well, we agree that knowing distances are good, but you should also be aware of how much play you have with depth-of-field is, without a doubt, an essential part of pulling focus.

2.People watch in public places

It’s not necessary that you always know what is likely to happen in a scene because of a few rewrites or some spontaneity. When you get the skill of being able to expect the natural movements of the individuals, it will help you prepare mentally for those moments in a scene that appear abruptly.

How about going out to a park, or a mall? You can even go on the street to check how people are acting, reacting, and moving around certain spaces? If you encounter two people talking, are they leaning into each other? Are they leaning forward before getting up?

Make an effort to visit different places where people generally tend to act in a different manner. Private places, like a restaurant, will be most likely to appear in a movie script. It’s mandatory for you to pay attention to your surroundings and the physical movements of people taking place within them. That way it becomes easy for you to come up with an expectation as to how people react in certain situations.

3.Imitate the Motions

Well, the best and easiest way to do this is to sit in a room with your hand in the air as if you’re holding a follow focus. What you should now is to look at the doorway. Ensure that your hand is ready at your “air” follow focus. Assume a character is walking into the room and sitting down anywhere in the room. You can adjust your follow focus accordingly.

This is indeed a good habit to get into because it puts emphasis to the motion of focus puling. In fact, it will get your mind accustomed to the direction in which you should pull in order to go a certain way within the focal plane.

Once you’re able to adjust direction without thinking, you will become good at focus pulling job.

You will agree that “practice makes perfect focus”. We understand that pulling focus can be a daunting task, but you should know that it can be real fun. If you’re facing issues, no need to worry. Even the pros at times are not able to pull the job of focus pulling with success.