8 Must have DSLR Video Accessories

Undoubtedly, taking a shot with a DSLR is quite simple and everybody loves to do. There is a plethora of things you can do with your DSLR, like switching to motion mode and even pointing out your camera at something interesting. However, if you want to take your passion of photography to the fullest, then you need the right gear that can help you out. Here are the lists of DSLR video accessories that you should have in order to make your video experience more appealing and enjoyable.

1. Battery: If you click continue, then the battery life might get exhausted within in no time. Obviously, you don’t want to pay a huge amount of money travelling from one place to another in order to get a new one. That’s the reason you should think about the storage aspect as well. Moreover, make sure you get as many batteries as you can afford.

2. Pro-gear Drive: The apparatus helps to re-orient the motor drive vertically to mate gears from the lens directly. It is completely wireless and is quite compact and self contained. Talking about its attachment, it can be attached directly to legacy silencer short pro-motor and silencer air motor. It includes a motor gear, gear drive head, rail adapter, custom rail mount, etc.

3. Lens Rings: Lens rings help to adapt your filters from your largest diameter lens down to the smallest ones. This will save you from buying multiple versions that could be an expensive retreat for you. However, make sure you get the perfect ones as lens rings vary in materials. Moreover, go for rings made of top-quality brass as they are much better than plastic or aluminum.

4. Bag: Whether you are having a basic collection of kit, or storerooms full of DSLR video accessories, you need a bag that helps you transport everything that you need for shoots. Make sure you buy a bag having spacious compartments as it helps holding camera body, lights, two lenses, viewfinder, and microphone.

5. Silencer Gimble Upgrade Kit: If you are having a Silencer Pro and looking to upgrade to the Pro-Gimble kit, then no other thing could be better for you other than Silencer Gimble Upgrade Kit.

Coming to the Gimble, it is an incredible tool that helps you to focus and zoom. Interestingly, the silencer Gimble upgrade kit comes with the following items.

• Gear Drive
• Extra 6" Rail
• XL belt pack
• 2' extension cable
• Shoe Mount
• Pro 19mm Short Motor Rail
• 19–15mm rail carrier

6. Rails: They are one of the prominent DSLR video accessories that you should have. Also, they are strong and lightweight and most importantly, they’re threaded as well. As far as specs are concerned, they are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and are anodized for a great finish.

7. Extension Cable for Silencer: If you are running a Gimble and need a longer cable for your silencer kit. It helps to stretch both the trigger cable and the motor cable either 2' or 5'. You can get more than one and join them in order to get more distance.

8. Carriers: if you’re trying to build a rig, then rail carriers are quite awesome. They let you attach a set of rails together that helps you make a lot of rings such as handheld mount, shoulder mount and a lot more.