Best Wireless Follow Focus 2018

In the professional world of videography, you have to have a system enough consistent that can help you at every turn. Having a camera is quite good, but make sure you have something extra that can work wonders for you. And, that’s the reason, people look for the best wireless follow focus system. Coming to its meaning, it is a set of parts help to work together and let you focus more accurately while capturing video.

Generally speaking, the major function of the gadget is to allow focus to follow the action. Using a follow focus system, the technique of following the action is called racking focus or pulling focus. An individual who is an expert at pulling focus is known as the focus puller.

Different Parts of a Wireless Follow Focus System
There are many different parts, however, the most visible part ones are the white disc and knob that people turn. However, there’s more to know. The best method in order to know the positive and negative traits of any system is by observing its parts. If you are willing to do so, then you need to know what they are. Here the typical parts of any system.

1. Rail Clamp: It is referred to as the first part which is attached to the two rods that form the base of any camera. Hence, you need a base plate and two rods for configuration of the system. It has been observed that some systems come with a plethora of options, but the cost-effective ones come only in one standard, i.e. 15 mm/60 mm spacing. Nowadays, it’s the most popular standard as cameras have become smaller and lighter.

2. Arm: Coming to the arm, it can be attached to the rod clamp. However, you should aim for the best and versatile arm as it will help you work with multiple systems and lenses. You could find an arm that can move laterally, as it will allow you to push the system inside or outside and you can even accommodate the size of the lens.

3. Gear: It is attached to the arm and helps to connect to the focus knob. There is no arguing that it is the most crucial part of a wireless follow focus system. It might happen you want a larger throw means, you want a larger turn of the focus ring on the lens for a smaller focus knob turn.

4. Lens Gear Ring: Usually, it connects to the gear ring, which wraps around your focus ring tightly. Some people work with lenses with focus ring having teeth. In such scenario, a gear ring isn’t essential at all.

5. Focus Knob: Like focus ring, it helps you to turn the focus. You can do that by turning the focus ring on a lens by putting your arm on the camera. Talking about other follow systems, you find the knob attached to either side, for right-hand or left-hand use. Furthermore, there are some systems that help you to change the rotation.

6. White Disc: Another important aspect of a wireless follow focus system that helps you do the following things. 
• Write on it
• Read the text you have written
• Shines bright after erasing

You can add few parts that help to add functionality to the system.
1. Focus Whip: It is a wired remote focus system that helps allowing the focus puller to be fully out of the operator’s way. The most interesting aspect is that it is quite handy if the user has to move around.
2. Speed Crank: There will be times when you are looking to quickly rack focus across 360supo/sup. Thus, it becomes quite difficult to do either one or focus knob or focus ring. Moreover, it is advisable to attach a crank to the focus knob which leads to faster turning.
3. Additional Gears: With the help of extra gear systems, you can speed up or slow down the throw accordingly. 
4. Wireless follow focus system help to allow you to control focus remotely.

How to Use a Follow Focus System?

Here are the following things you should keep in mind to use the system:
1. For Small Distances: Make sure you use a good quality steel measuring tape having a specific locking mechanism. For tapes having around 15 feet in length and half-width is acceptable. In case of anything huge, you can go for 1" wide tapes.

2. For larger Distances: If you are carrying one tape roll, then make sure you carry two. Moreover, you can carry multiple roles of length 50 feet to 300 feet. However, use the larger one in case of emergency.

3. For out-of-reach Distances: Make sure you get a good ultrasonic rangefinder or a laser that can go up to 100 feet. It is recommendable that never use your laser at any human or at the camera.

Before diving into the deep, let’s talk about the top accessories.

6 Must-Have DSLR Video Accessories
With the advent of the modern era, the technology is becoming better and so is capturing photos and videos. These days, a lot of photographers are making their way to become top-notch video photographers. For this, a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is required. It is quite obvious that capturing video with a DSLR camera helps to give you a high-quality shoot every time. It has been observed that most people are obsessed with motion shooting. If you are serious about the same, there you should have the right DSLR video accessories that will benefit you. Obviously, everybody wants to make their movie-making experience to the fullest and that’s where top DSLR accessories come into the play.

Enjoy Shooting with Top DSLR Video Accessories
Here is the list of the best DSLR video accessories that you should have with your DSLR camera.
• Metal Silencer Knobs:
These metal silencer knobs are one of the must-have products with your DSLR camera. They help to replace plastic knobs on the Tri-rail quick release, tension pulley mount and floating mount.

• Silencer Gimbal Upgrade Kit: Undoubtedly, Gimbal is a fantastic tool that can help you a lot. These are the things included with Gimbal kit, including shoe mount, extra 6" rail, 2" extension cable, gear drive, pro 19mm short motor rail, XL belt pack, 19–15mm rail center.

Extension cable for DSLR: If you’re running a Gimbal, then at some point, you need a longer cable for your silencer kit. The extension cable for a DSLR is helpful for longer applications up to 50 feet. The cable can extend both the trigger cable and the motor cable.

Lens Rings: Are you looking for more friction on your lens? Then, lens rings can help you as it has walls on both sides that help to hold the belt tight and straight on any standard lens. Being made of rubber, it helps adding friction which results in improved belt drive function.

Silencer Trigger: It helps you to get a stable shot by keeping your hands on the rig. All you need to put your focus at your fingertips.

Silencer Air Battery Charger: It is one of the popular accessories that you must have. It helps to charge two batteries at one time.

Top- quality DSLR Accessories at Affordable Prices
If you are looking for the best DSLR accessories, then you’ve reached the correct destination. 24shots, one of the credible platforms, helps to provide you with the necessary equipment that you need for filmmaking. All the products offered by the company are designed using the modern computer-aided software. With a team of experienced professionals, it ensures that you get the best quality video DLSR accessories at competitive prices.

Things you Should Know while buying a good wireless follow focus system:

Here is the list of things you should need to know for a follow focus system. 
1. It should have a geared focusing mechanism that can give finer focus throw. 
2. Should have a rigid construction
3. Should have a clean and clear white disc for erasable marking.

It’s been a confusion among a lot of people regarding which one to buy. However, the things aren’t actually what they seem to be. It is advisable to go for the expensive ones, as they are not only built to last but can fit on all camera types and lens systems.

Another crucial aspect that you should look upon is the availability of parts.

However, If anything fails to operate, then make sure you get a replacement for that part soon.

It has been observed that many manufacturers copy the latest designs, and doesn’t have good quality parts for the previous models. You need to be attentive here. You should need to know about the manufacturers like are they just making the profit or they really sell good quality wireless follow focus system design.