Must Have Video Accessories for Your DSLR Camera

Thinking how can you get the most out of some of the essential DSLR features? Well, you need the best accessories for DSLR.

There’s no escaping the fact that convergence is a remarkable thing. What can we say about the ability to merge the components of sophisticated electronics and other software in exceptional new ways has given a new dimension to technologically advanced devices, including iPhones, 8MP cell phones, and last but certainly not least, the digital SLR camera. A DSLR is a great device that can shoot HD (High-Definition) movies of flawless quality.

Here are some essential DSLR video accessories that will be advantageous for them:

A Top Quality Camera Lens

Got your sparkling DSLR camera body? Or, a mirrorless camera (A DSLR which seems more compact). Well, the first prime accessory for your camera is a lens.

There’s no use of a camera body without good lens. It won’t be able to do anything, as it’s basically a sensor and recorder. There are two major types of lens for DSLR camera body: zoom lens and prime lenses. As the name suggest, ‘zoom’ lenses do what they’re intended to do i.e., they allow the user to zoom in and zoom out from a fixed position. Zoom lenses provide flexibility to the user.

On the other hand, ‘prime’ lenses are fixed width lenses. They don’t allow the user for zooming in or out. Know that both lenses can come in excessively long telephoto ranges. These lenses let a lot of light in and are deemed to be sharp, but keep in mind that they can’t zoom.

High-Speed Memory Cards

A new DSLR camera records video onto an SD memory card with a high capacity. When you’re recording 4K or full HD 1080p video these can get filled in no time. Thus it’s wise to have a few memory cards. Well, the speed of these cards is the major factor you should consider.

A memory card can have a different write speed or classes. If the speed or class is higher, the quicker will be the consumption.

A Dedicated Camera Gear Bag

Got a basic collection of kit? Or, store room full of lenses as well as accessories? Whatever the case, you’ll need a secure and feasible way to let you carry everything you need to shoot high-quality video.

Shooting solo? Then there are some of the best rucksacks you can find online. They’re designed especially for professional DSLR videographers like you..

A DSLR video rucksack has a big front compartment that can hold camera body, two lenses, lights, viewfinder and microphone as well. Moreover, it seems well padded and consists of various Velcro dividers which allow for complete customization.

A Professional Tripod

Many professionals consider the tripod one of the greatest DSLR video accessories ever invented. But are you sure the tripod you’ve got is optimized for shooting high-quality movies? Without any covering, any 3 legged accessory used for filming purpose must have lockable pan separately as well as tilt controls.

That way it’ll become easy for a videographer to lock the tilt at any angle they desire for. Once done, they pan the camera in a horizontal way with moderate smoothness to follow the action.

A tripod (medium size) with a 3-way fluid effect is perhaps the reasonably priced all-round choice for HD movies with a DSLR. Planning to do extensive shooting? Then you must consider going for a tripod with vibration-dumping, crutch-type legs and two-handled panning action.

Camera Shoulder Rig System

Every now and then you do not want to be tied down with a tripod and need to shoot video holding camera in hand. A DSLR (by its nature) is very light so it makes the best handheld camera. There are no handles, hand straps or shoulder grooves built in. But there surely are various gadgets which are designed to keep the DSLR balanced when it comes to shooting handheld.


It’s easy for a photographer to shoot HD movies with a DSLR (provided it’s HD-enabled) without having to use any accessories. But if they’re looking to create movies wrapped with a professional touch as well as other movie clips, they need to use true value DSLR video accessories.