What DSLR Accessories do I Need for Shooting High Quality Wedding Videos?

Looking to shoot the best wedding videos? There may be many like you out there who’ve just ventured into the world of videography. For them (including you), there are endless number of DSLR video accessories that can seem overwhelming giving them a hard time when choosing the right camera gear.

Did you think that choosing a camera body was a hard thing to do? You’ll come across a wide range of accessories you’ll be needing to shoot one’s wedding video.

No shooting a superior quality wedding video will require as much gear you need as shooting a small film. So here are the some of the most indispensable items that you must take into account for shooting the special day. Not only are these accessories compact, they can be used effectively in the wedding environment. No videographer would ever want quality to be compromised while shooting a wedding video.

So here I go shedding some light on some of the best accessories you’ll need to shoot wedding videos.

It goes without saying that the most important thing you need to shoot a wedding is a premium quality DSLR camera. These cameras regarded as the low-priced alternatives to those used for cinemas. No doubt DSLRs provide fantastic resolution and excellent ergonomics.

If you were to ask me, I’d definitely agree that these highly advanced devices do deserve a post of their own, as in what kind of camera will be suitable for a startup company, or the quality cameras under $1000, or what questions must be asked when buying the right camera for one’s videography needs.

Before you select the right camera for your shooting needs, it’s important for you to know that each of these cameras functions in the same way. Some of the best known brands that manufacture the world-class cameras include Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. Most of these cameras can be found within a similar price range.

One of the most important accessories for the pros, lenses are also known as “glass”, and they’re what the DSLR uses to see the world. Want to know what makes them the most feasible and unique pieces of camera gear affecting the look of the video significantly? Their mind-boggling light-transmitting speed and characteristics.

A DSLR or mirrorless camera (no matter how advanced it is) will not serve your purpose or do you any good when shooting a wedding video, if you lack high-quality lenses. Keeping this in mind, I strongly advise you to not shell out all the money you’ve got on the camera, as you need to have some for buying a top-grade lens.

Don’t you forget lens plays an equally vital role as your camera? If you have a top-notch DSLR, it’s likely to deliver you a poor image just because you had it paired with low-quality lens. So it’s better not to save some bucks on the glass.

What shall I say about the tripod — not only one of the best DSLR video accessories but the single greatest accessory ever put into motion by humans?

A crucial accessory in its own, you’d certainly need a tripod when taking photos or videos in low light or when crisp focus is wanted. Deemed to be the golden standard of all steady footage, a lot of users think that they need the up-to-the-minute stabilizer piece of equipment to acquire a great footage and if you think it’s a lot further from the truth, you’re mistaken. A solid tripod and fluid head will do a lot more for you video than you could possibly imagine.

A tripod can serve as the best assistantduring the wedding ceremony. You can have it set in the back of the venue. Now allow the device (your camera) to roll while you meticulously work on another angle. Can it get any better?

Have a camera on a tripod capable of recording the ceremonial occasion on its own? Now you’ll need something to hold the other camera you’ll shoot with. Look no further than a monopod — one of the best options that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Many reasons make for the fact why monopods are the best accessories when shooting wedding videos on DSLRs. Not only are they versatile and compact, they don’t have much weight. There are plenty of carbon fiber monopods that can hold an unbelievable amount of weight. It allows you to make adjustments to the height according to your needs. Not only that, you can switch to a high-angle shot from a low-angle one in a fraction of seconds. Need I say more?

Wait…there’s more to come! These accessories play an effective role when it comes to steering through crowds. Even if you don’t have much space, you can shoot fabulous footage.

On-Board Camera Microphone
Does your DSLR have a microphone built in? Make sure you have it recording. Even if you don’t plan to make use of the same, it’ll be better if you can have it as a backup (you never know when you might feel its need). Moreover, it’ll help you adjust the footage when you’re making some edits.

Using a DSLR camera? If so, then you’ll need to get the microphone attached in order to get adequate audio. Don’t forget that adding a mic to a DSLR is not the best possible option. This is because these cameras weren’t designed to capture best sound. So it’s good to use it as a backup.

The way you’re going to capture audio will certainly depend on the type of DSLR you’re using. A DSLR is the most common camera used to shoot wedding video, there are a number of audio sources that you will be needing.

Handheld Stabilizers
One of the most preferred DSLR video accessories, a handheld stabilizer is the one that does not go over one’s shoulder nor will it require battery or computer assistance to work. Why? Because they’re handheld. As simple as that…!

These accessories are at their best when used during the reception. Not only do they capture incredible dancing footage, they also allow you to work your way in and around the dance floor.

Thought I’d like to share a great tip with you (for your benefit):

AVOID following a bride walking down the aisle with a handheld stabilizer. Because what could possibly be more worse then getting in the way of the ceremonial occasion? This isn’t your moment, so it’s good to keep out. Don’t you forget you’re hired to capture the wedding, and not being a part of it?

Make sure you have numerous batteries to suit your varying needs. Camera batteries, AA, and 9V batteries for your audio recorder or microphones, and batteries for your lights. Don’t have enough batteries at hand? Make sure you set up a charging station so the batteries serve you better when you need them.

Needless to say, you’re not going to set up any three-point lighting during the wedding ceremony or reception. But there’s something that you will definitely want to use to capture the best wedding video. Want to know what’s the most feasible option to use here?

Using an LED light that you can easily use on camera, handheld, or on a stand will be the best bet. Being portable in nature, a small LED light can easily be tossed in the bag. Chances are you won’t need to make use of this light until it’s time for you to capture the reception ceremony.

Memory Cards
How does it feel to run out of juice when you need it the most? The feeling cannot be expressed in simple words. You may know that shooting a wedding video seems more like shooting a film with a small budget. So it’s better to shoot everything on a large card. Having many cards may not seem a good idea, but if something goes bad it’s a lot easier to lose 16GB of footage compared to 64GB.

New cameras record video onto SD memory cards with a high capacity. When recording 4K or full HD 1080p videos these cards can fill up soon before you even know it. The speed class and capacity are the major factors to consider while building your video kit for shooting wedding videos.

Final Thoughts
The camera itself makes you embark on a journey leading to the world of professional videography. You don’t only want to improve performance, do you? Even maximizing the footage quality plays a very crucial role. Considering these, what you need are the essential accessories or camera gear that will help you deliver the best there is.

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