I’ve been doing a lot of coding on the front-end lately; actually I’ve been doing so much that I might need to create a quick primer about it. If you’re just like me and need a refresher or are just getting the hang of SQL and need a quick reference, you might appreciate this one. For this primer, I’ll use MySQL syntax.

Where Does SQL Fit Into My Project?

SQL in laymen terms is a language we use to save data permanently with. To better understand this so it makes a bit more sense, let me further explain a little more. You usually have a project that usually consists of a front-end maybe written with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then you usually have a back-end like NodeJS or Rails. Where SQL comes in, is that your back-end usually through an ORM (Object Relational Mapping), like Mongoose or Active Record, connects to your database of stored data, where this data is created using SQL. …


Mohammed Chisti

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