Honesty makes a good story

I was making photocopies at work this morning when our receptionist mentioned they loved the Batman mug that was in my hand.

If you think this one’s neat, I said, then you should see my David Bowie mug!

Our receptionist replied with a question I found shocking: who’s David Bowie?

After pausing for a second to regain my composure after aghast silence, I launched into a mini magnum opus that described and defined the legendary songwriter and performer (obviously), and following that, proceeded to highjack her computer and show her some of many great songs written by The Bow as I like to call him.

Just as this is happening and we’re hitting the opening drums track of “Rebel Rebel,” someone in a snappy suit walks into our office and asks, what’s going on?

I had two choices at this point: 1) come up with some lie about doing actual work or, 2) tell the truth.

Feeling honest when I woke up this morning, I chose number two and replied: I’m teaching our receptionist here about the wonders and genius of David Bowie — someone she did not know existed until today!”

To which the man in the suit replies: Funny you should mention that… I’m in a David Bowie tribute band.

We proceeded to watch videos of his tribute band rocking Bowie tunes and have a fantastic conversation about great music.

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