SocialPolis Coin Project: Milestones already completed

SocialPolis Coin Project has raised the standard regarding the chronological cohesion of the Project achievements. In fact, in less than a year, several mostly technical milestones have been reached. The venture might have been challenging but after a period of hard work and devotion, SocialPolis team is proud to announce that all targets set for the period Q2 2018 to Q1 2019 have successfully been completed.

In Q2 2018, three consequential sub-targets have been successful. More specifically, the Blockchain Coop, which has a crucial role in the circulation of SocialPolis Coins was established successfully ensuring the reliability of the project. Meanwhile, we successfully completed the setup of the basic technological infrastructure in cooperation with Blockchain 2050 BV. And, of course, just before the expiration of the quarter, the creation of 200.000.000 tokens SPCs.

During the Q3 2018, the Project expands geographically and establishes its position within the sector of Solidarity Economy. In fact, operations start in Thessaloniki and Athens Technical Support Development Centers and SPL Coins are introduced in Solidarity Economy.

In Q4 2018, the promotion starts in volunteering as an inseparable part of the project’s six application areas. Geographical expansion continues with the set up of two more support centers in the Netherlands, CIC Rotterdam ( Additionally, the promotion in e-working launches successfully.

And here we are in Q1 2019 — SocialPolis Coin team keeps on working towards the achievement of the project’s deliverables and the announcement of the SPC e-shops/ market place launch.

The future lies in front of us promising yet demanding. SocialPolis team might be pleased but is craving for more.

Read the full roadmap of SocialPolis Coin Project or learn more about it at

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