Death Of The Talented Musician: Public To Blame

In today’s music industry, the real musicians and songwriters are no longer in the popular culture landscape. The reason you no longer hear real artists that have any talent in the mainstream is very simple. We no longer have great musical acts readily available to listen to anymore because The Public made this decision.

This post is not how streaming services have killed off musicians or how pirated music destroyed the industry. As a whole The Public has accepted terrible music. People in general no longer care about an artists integrity to write their own music or even perform live without pre-recorded music. Today, if you are a mainstream artist you don’t have to perform live or are you even expected to write your own music.

In the late 80s, Milli Vanilli had their live’s and career completely ruined after an tape recorded audio malfunction exposed the artists as nothing but fakes. If this were to happen today The Public would think nothing of it. If we as a society settle for absolutely zero integrity in the artists that are mainstream then we will never have artists with integrity become popular again.

Why do you think music has been so terrible over the past 15 years? The reason is because The Public chose this. The music industry keeps putting the same artists on display with new repackaging and people accept this. Nothing will change unless The Public demands change. Sorry it’s time to no longer accept an artist having 25 writers to write a song. Sorry, but it’s no longer acceptable to keep paying a select few mainstream artists tons of money because they have a good image. We are talking about music not about fashion.

Real music fans shouldn’t have to search for hours to find one or two musicians that are attempting to do something different. Without people supporting musicians working on changing the landscape of the music scene then it goes on deaf ears.

So finally I am calling out The Public to wake up and realize the mainstream music that is being played right now is nothing but disposable music. It will not stand the test of time like music of the past. This is because there is no passion behind it. If you settle for unoriginal musicians with no integrity you will have the same bland music for many years (Unfortunately).

Please. Please. Please. Realize when you accept and praise musicians with no business being a musician in the first place then the music industry calls it business as usual. This is not what music is meant to be. Real Music is meant to evoke something deep in your subconscious. It is also there to make you think and to open your eyes to a world outside of your own.

Time to shake things up people!