One Half

One half of this school year is done. But this school year is just one fourth of all of high school, and high school is probably less than one fourth of all of our education, and our education is probably about one fourth of our lives in total. So, realistically, one half of one fourth of one fourth of one fourth of my life has just been completed. In all honesty, however, it seems like this semester has been so long, stretching on infinitely.

The first day of the school year was ages ago and yesterday simultaneously. I still feel like we’re just starting high school, and in a sense we are. Only one eighth of high school is done. But, at the same time, one eighth of high school is done, that quickly. Looking back on that first half of the year, it was a step up from middle school. The classes were more strenuous, and the whole environment is more mature. Everything at North is similar to middle school, just a bit more sophisticated. Mature and sophisticated as it was, we were still infants in the beginning of the year, relying on upperclassmen and teachers to find our way around the school.

Next semester — the next eighth of high school — will be so different. It’s not because my schedule has changed, but because I know what I’m doing and where I’m going. I learned about the important aspects of school, like where classrooms are and what to do during lunch and resource, but also about the unimportant, trivial parts, like what teachers are nice, which bathrooms are cleaner, and where the coldest drinking fountains are. Hopefully, next semester will be like last semester — exciting, but not too exciting; stressful, but not too stressful; and most importantly difficult, but not too difficult.

And with that, the first half of the first quarter of the third quarter of the first quarter of my life is done.

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