Marketing Is Ravaging Cybersecurity
Alex Kreilein

At a time where every private company in Silicon Valley aspires to be a unicorn, it’s refreshing to remind ourselves that marketing investments in demand generation and branding can’t make a bad product great. It can attract eyeballs and with the right motions earn attention, but perfuming a pig (that under developed product) can get you only so far.

ThreatMetrix participated in RSA to showcase just that, and we used a bit of magic to help make an important point. Specifically, that with a statistically significant sample size of the entire global population of Web users, we deliver high-fidelity authentication for logins and new account origination using a digital identity based on the right combination of behavior, device, location and threat intelligence. And, with the right technology we do this transparent to a website visitor in real time.

Over the last decade we’ve assembled over 1.4b anonymized digital identities for both good actors and bad actors on the web. Our “nodes” are over 4,500 companies worldwide (including some of the largest ecommerce, payments and banking companies). We continue to build this digital identity network daily, analyzing millions of transactions per day through a high availability, highly scalable network to the tune of over 2b transactions each month. It’s the largest database of digital identities in the world and with around 500 data elements per transaction represents a big data repository proven to accurately model the constantly changing relationships between people, their devices, accounts and behaviors.

This is innovation at work, and I’m happy to say our investment in product dwarfs that in marketing.

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