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Isn’t it possible that the collusion more regards the timing of the leaks than the physical hacking itself? One possible scenario that I would call “collusion” but doesn’t answer many of these questions is

  1. Russian government hacks DNC
  2. Agents reach out to Trump campaign, and offers a deal of some sort (e.g. “We leak X when you tell us to do so, if <insert political goal>”)
  3. Trump campaign (or associated organizations like advertising firms) tells them when the leaks should happen to sync up with other campaign moments
  4. Trump gets elected
  5. Trump administration follows through on promises

Note that I’m DEFINITELY not saying that this happened. I doubt the whole collusion thing. But it seems like a possible scenario and much more likely than the “Trump campaign literally helped them hack the DNC” one that you seem to be painting as the current liberal hypothesis.