The Fold Is Dead 

Seriously, it’s f&*@king dead. 

Anyone who’s designed or built a product for the web has heard it…

“Is that above the fold?”

Instead of getting mad, so furiously mad inside that I want to run around the block in a rage blackout — I have the answer.

Another question…

There’s something cool down there, I promise.
Which fold?

If that doesn’t stop the ridiculous conversation, here’s a little ammo to help you out.


In 2013 mobile surpassed desktop in news, sports, retail, and social media consumption. People are spending their time with the web on an incredibly varied set of devices, all with different screen sizes (and different “folds”).

The screen variance between Android devices alone.

Screen Variance.

Screen resolutions are and will continue to change. (again, they all have different folds).

“The times, they are a changin.”


If you are indeed, designing/building the unicorn experience (primarily viewed on a desktop), think about context first.

Buy this awesome mask.
  1. When will people be using this experience, how, and where?
  2. Most importantly, to do what?
  3. In what order does it make sense for them to consume your information?
  4. Content or action first? Which makes sense (from the users’ perspective — not yours)?

Glad you made it to the bottom…