Yes! They bloody well should & so should developers.

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A potential new client has picked the agency you work for as a real contender to design and develop their revolutionary new idea which will make them the next Mark Zuckerberg (Okay, so they might not know who Mark Zuckerberg is but you get the picture).

The meeting room gets booked, the client comes in and your Directors, Project Managers, and basically anyone that has a fancy job title all grab their coffees, a plate full of biscuits and disappear for hours on end to tell the client how only your company can make their product idea a reality.


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There’s something about meeting with a new client and the discussion that follows. Thoughts already entering my head about a potential design direction, the challenges I might face to ensure the UI is as user friendly as possible whilst also pushing myself and doing something new. The TPI app has been no exception.

The Challenge

TPI commissioned Cocoon to design and develop an iPhone app which would ultimately expand on their current website. The app would offer users access to the company’s products and a selection of professional sound tools which could be used by consumers and sound technicians alike.

Addressing the…

Is this the path designers should be taking?

With the ever increasing number of prototyping tools available, it’s clear the viewpoint and preference on presenting back our coveted designs to clients has changed over the past few years. So should we be making more of a conscious effort to design within the browser and what are the benefits?

It wasn’t that long ago since my business partner, Steve and I listened tentatively to a talk on this very topic at the ever popular MK Geek Night. …

[noun] mɛtəˈmɔːfəsɪs — A profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism.

So we’ve updated our website… Again. While this seems to be a yearly occurrence, as a company which is continuing to grow and evolve, we require an identity and message that grows with us.

Why Keep Changing?

We have at times been lax with updating our website, getting the correct message across, or showcasing our work. As the title suggests; we see Cocoon as a living, breathing, entity and as such will continue to evolve — and our website needs to reflect that.

Taking a look at the existing site we saw three core reasons for a complete redesign rather than a refresh…

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