CNA #5: Technology News

Yahoo wants to kill passwords with revamped Mail app

Yahoo is trying to get ahead in the technological world by eliminating the need for passwords. The use of passwords has proven to be dangerous in some cases because of how easy they can be to guess and therefore give access to personal information. Yahoo plans on syncing mail accounts with phone numbers so that people can access their email by giving permission through their smartphones.

Driving the $5 million Batmobile

The batmobile is officially on the market, selling for $5 million. Although it may not be in the best of shape anymore, the vehicle previously driven by Adam West is still road-worthy. A mishap during a test drive almost changed this fact forever.

The dangerous art of the ultimate selfie

Taking a selfie has become a fatal activity, causing more deaths in 2015 than shark attacks. Because people are finding value in the number of likes they get on pictures, they are going to great lengths (and heights) to impress. Attempting to present a shock factor, people are putting themselves in increasingly dangerous situations in order to take the best selfies.