Republican Convention theme song

“Look out, Cleveland, a storm is comin’ through.

And it’s runnin’ right up on you …”

Here’s your theme song for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18–21: “Look Out Cleveland,” written by Robbie Robertson for The Band’s 1969 self-titled album.

It’s not about the city in Ohio, but so what?

In post-truth America 2016, facts are mere distraction.

“Look Out Cleveland” is a rowdy tune that doesn’t require deep thought, making it spot-on for the kind of storm that’s comin’ through northeast Ohio in a couple of weeks — courtesy of Donald Trump and his latest reality TV sideshow.

Consider this verse, written in the late ’60s when America wasn’t so great either, especially if you were black, poor or getting sent off to die in a war:

“Hidin’ your money won’t do no good, no good

Build a big wall, you know you would if you could, yeah

When clouds of warnin’ come into view

It’ll get the ol’ woman right outta her shoe”

That’s Trump’s campaign in a nutcase — hide money, build a wall and knock Hillary Clinton off her feet when she’s not tripping herself up.

No matter how gauche and offensive Trump gets in Cleveland, if Clinton’s pesky trust-fall problems continue beyond the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month, it could be all over.

Immediately after the election, President-elect Trump will announce plans to appoint Robbie Robertson as White House speechwriter and ambassador to his native Canada — the destination of many in this country planning to Amerexit.

In “Look Out Cleveland,” Robertson has already scripted Trump’s Christmas card to Congress and to Hillary.

“There’ll be thunder on the hill;

Bye bye, baby, don’t you lie so still.”

As much as I fear an America under Trump, my immediate worry is for Cleveland, a city that has endured more than its share of hardship and bad PR. That finally changed this year when Obama supporter LeBron James worked his Cavalier magic on the floor of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

The Republican convention’s impact on Cleveland might not be so good, if you listen to Robertson.

“This old town’s gonna blow away.”