Is the “Party all day, party all night” lifestyle the easiest way to ruin your college journey?

College. It might very well be one of the most important journeys that you will take in life. You experience the unforgettable, meet people that will remain in your life forever, learn some of your most valuable life lessons, and hopefully find yourself.

However, college comes with a certain stigma that it’s time to live life like a party. But I think it is extremely important that these years of your life be the time where you find yourself and what your true passions may be. And this is hard to do if you spend your whole college journey downing bottles of alcohol and consistently attending frat parties.

When I first moved to Fort Collin’s from Chicago, I had a very strong love for partying. It was my lifestyle, and I couldn’t wait to see the party scene that Fort Collins had to offer. Some would say I have done and experienced a lot for someone my age, and I would have to agree. I have learned a lot from partying away the past four or so years of my life but they werent necessarily valuable lessons. I learned more about the paths that i would never want to go down again rather than whom i actually was and what my passions were.

“To live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

I remember how much I used to love partying. The new people, the new mistakes, the funny stories. It wasn’t until about a year after I moved to Fort Collins that I started to really care about the way I was living. My enjoyment for sleeping all day and partying all night started to fade away. I realized that partying had me on a continuous cycle of rushing to get through the week to get to the weekend so I could do it all over again. I was doing a whole bunch of living, but not being alive.

I wanted to really get to know myself, so I made a change.

I started to realize that I had so many healthy alternative options in Fort Collins that were right there in front of me, yet I was choosing to go to house parties every night. I was over it. I wanted in on that healthier lifestyle that I saw other people living. I started saying no to parties. I began to do meditation sessions in Old Town, eat better food and meet new people. I started to care more about my school and future. I spent time with myself, and after a while I started to feel more alive.

Once you take yourself out of the party lifestyle, and start to care more about keeping your mind and body healthy, everything starts to come together. All your passions come alive.

But, When your caught up in the party lifestyle and all of your friends are doing it, you don’t stop to think that you should become conscious about the way you have been living and how your have been treating your mind and body. Its hard to get out of that life cycle, especially if you aren’t aware of the many alternatives you have.

How many times have you heard an older adult say something along the lines of; “I was stupid in college. Sure, I graduated, but I didn’t really take the time to figure out where I truly wanted to go with my life because partying was the most important thing to me at the time.”

You don’t want this to be you. But it can and will if you don’t start to gradually move towards a healthier life.

Let me put it into perspective for you:

You grab a friend, go out to dinner at the vegan/vegetarian restaurant, Tasty Harmony then head over to the Bean Cycle to drink the locally made chai’s. You then go to the Artery and spend some time jamming to music and observing the local art. You laugh and dance all night long. You get a good nights rest, wake up feeling refreshed and attend a free meditation session at the Shambhala Center. The day is yours- maybe a hike?


You start the night off taking shots with your best friends before the big house party. Once you get there, you do a keg stand and drink a few beers , oblivious to the fact that 5 beers amounts to 17 Oreos, according to Medical daily.

You end the night sitting on the couch next to your best friend who is making out with a random guy, patiently waiting for your ram ride. Once your home, you go to bed drunk, smelly and exhausted knowing that your morning will not be a productive one.

If you don’t know yet, you will soon realize that living a healthy lifestyle can change you and bring you down a whole new path of life. You will be more aware of yourself and what it is exactly that you want to do with the rest of your life.

Don’t waste away one of the most important journeys of your life with a bottle of alcohol in your hands. Get out there, explore the vast amount of healthy alternatives in Fort Collins and figure out what truly sets your soul on fire. I have the utmost confidence that partying isn’t all you’ve got.