Adobe Premiere Pro Gets An Overhaul

Written by McKenzie Beeby

The Launch

Adobe announced the new features coming to the Creative Suites later this year. Offering a number of new and exciting features like a host of new VR functionality, easier collaboration with across multiple editors, and even the ability to open and manage multiple projects in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro has been known for the ability to work across multiple Creative Suite softwares seamlessly. With these new features it looks like they are now trying to expand the software Premiere Pro’s functionality with Motion Graphics. Although, it’s hard to erase the importance of having After Effects in your dock, Premiere Pro will make more basic motion graphics easier.

No launch date has been set, but we can expect the new update before the end of 2017

All these features are expected to roll our later in 2017

New Features

Below are some of the major improvements and features in this update.

  • Team Projects out of beta.
  • Auto-save collaborated projects.
  • Ability to work on the same project simultaneously allowing for source media to easily transfer over.
  • Rollout of Motion Graphics Templates within Premiere.
  • Usability improvements to the Essential Graphics panel.
  • Direct timeline review in Immersive Video.
  • New effects for Immersive Video.

Immersive Video

VR editing seems to be growing rapidly in this industry and Adobe seems to be actively trying to get ahead of it’s competition.

Immersive Video is growing rapidly, and so is our tool set. This time we’re taking it very literally to the next level. The all new Adobe Immersive Environment supports direct timeline review in a head-mount display while controlling playback and navigation.

One of the interesting new features in the update is the ability to use your VR headset to immerse yourself in your timeline. You can make edits through your VR headset giving you a more effective editing workflow on your project.

To find out more about these new features head over to the official post on Adobe’s website — Click here

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