Great answer given when asked Is getting rich worth it?

I hope it is!
I’ve always believed money can buy something much more valuable than any commodity ,it buys freedom!
The freedom to express yourself without any constraints.
The freedom to just be yourself.

I don’t really know how it feels to have a lot of money but I do know how it feels to not have it.Having traveled that road I can without a doubt say that its better to be rich because well being poor is totally not worth it.
It sucks when you can’t buy things which you want,do things which you want,when you are set boundaries in every aspect of life,when you are set a bubble and you’re expected to stay in it.You just have this urge to get out of it,fight it,break it,shout and be that guy you always imagined to be!

Getting rich is a good thing ,its an escape route for everything you’d ever imagined you to be.
No wonder its also overrated. It raises your expectations of things,relationships and life in general . It transforms most people into someone else.Your life changes,you change. The fact is when you have more money ,you fall in a illusion,you forget certain truths and little pleasures of life.

Jim Carrey describes it the best!
Getting rich in money not the answer,staying rich in happiness is!
Happiness is not defined by money,its defined something much more precious-family,little pleasures,memorable moments,being at peace with yourself.
Money makes our path easier but its not the path.

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