What Works #4

Photo by The New York Times. This picture is taken Chamber Street Station.

  1. I did my Weekly What Works on an article by the New York Times, titled “Reports of Subway Sex Crimes Are on the Rise in New York City.

I clicked on this article for a couple of reasons. With my mother always on the road for work, and personal experience with trips traveled on the subway along with all of the stories heard- this article stood out to me. I think this article would stand out to many woman in general. Subway sex crime isn’t something that people from Mississippi normally think/worry about (typically), but it is a problem in the cities and bigger areas. This article is SEO Friendly. When typing in “subway sex crime,” this article popped up first on google.

2. I think that this article has a narrative lead. It begins by giving a scenario of what is happening, but doesn’t clue in the reader until the second paragraph. The first paragraph makes you think that the officers could be aboard the train to catch any kind of criminal, then by the second paragraph the author explains why they’re specifically darting their eyes from rider to rider. I liked how the author gave a some-what detailed description in the first paragraph so I can picture exactly how the situation would be going down.

3. The nutgraphs of this article are paragraphs 2 and 8. Paragraph 2 describes what the police are doing about the situation to try and better identify the problem and take care of the issue and paragraph 8 describes why and how they’re being reported easier and how the reports have increased due to social media.

4. This article has several official sources including the Chief of the Police Department’s Transit Bureau, other officers, and a woman Lieutenant. This article also includes quotes from women citizens.

5. This story uses only writing and one picture in the article. I think this story could’ve been more effective with a video element embedded in the story. Not necessarily of men harassing women, but just how cramped and congested these subway rides can get so we get the full gist of what happens on the subway. The story also touches on how women are have posted photos on Instagram and social media accounts that have led to arrests. I think it would be effective to use some of these photos, tweets, and posts to show how these predators are being caught.