week four point five: absence

i don’t know if i would call it homesick — maybe nostalgic? can you call something nostalgic if it’s from a month ago? there are just a few things i’ve been really missing lately… here’s a little list (these are in no way prioritized):

1. casper the friendly toyota — don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool to be able to walk everywhere you need to go, and the metro system is impressive. but sometimes i just want to drive to school because a forty minute walk to school is exhausting day after day. for those of you that have been to spain through TCC — i live about 5 minutes west of the parque de príncipes and the new school is like three or four blocks from “las setas” in el plaza del encarnación. it’s a lovely 6.4 km there and back.

2. my summer staff — so, umm, someone please explain to me why i miss working a full time job that forced me to be inside all summer — making bed, dealing with rude people, counting everything, having nightmares about red delivery trucks… regardless, i miss the people i was surrounded by. shout out to the desk workers, maintenance crew, LRAs, and amanda freaking blatchley to making that the weirdest summer ever. also i think we drank way too much coffee… like i was at 4–5 cups per day.

3. chipotle — sweet baby jesus i need a burrito bowl.*

4. my mom — you’ve met her… she’s the best and i get to see her in a month (hi dad i really miss you too)! but actually my whole family is a bunch of rock stars and i miss them all dearly. it’s weird knowing that both logan and landon are living in minneapolis and i’m here. i can’t wait to get back and live life with both of them in the ever fabulous twin cities.

5. literally too many people to mention — i have been missing the sweet, sweet community that is northwestern. i miss seeing everyone around campus and at chapel and at soccer games and at every event that takes place in my beloved maha. it is absolutely my favorite place in the world, and it’s because of the people there. i was blessed with the best roommates in the world and the most ridiculous group of friends. i miss all of you crazy people. and please know that i am living vicariously through all of your snap stories and instagram posts.

*also: chick-fil-a, spyhouse, olive garden bread sticks (bread sticks here are the most disappointing thing so far. that’s not a bread stick — it’s a cracker. pull yourself together europe). i really miss the little toasty things becky made me all summer. and most importantly — china restaurant. believe me on this, i will be eating chinese take out all christmas break.