Will the Old Guard Maintain a Lead in Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)?

In a recent opinion article on CoinDesk, Noelle Acheson touches briefly on the differences between tech giants, IBM and Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service offerings.

IBM is a premier member of the Hyperledger project and wrote a significant portion of the Hyperledger Fabric codebase. While the project is hosted by the Linux Foundation and follows best practices when it comes to open source development it does not have anywhere near the distributed contribution effort from developers worldwide that Ethereum does.

Ethereum, a public blockchain and currently the second most popular in terms of market capitalization, is what Microsoft has focused their efforts on thus far on. Through their use of the Ethereum codebase within the Azure platform and their membership within the newly formed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), Microsoft has chosen to take a more hands-off approach to the actual writing of code to the core protocol and focused its efforts on making permissioned use cases of the public blockchain more accessible to development teams and companies who want to test out the new technology.

Both of these longstanding tech giants understand the benefits of both blockchain technology and creating an open source community around it in order to speed up the development process and allow for innovation. Will Microsoft’s choice to not focus on steering the core protocol development but instead focus on other aspects of incorporating the technology into enterprise systems prove to be a winning solution? Or will IBM’s guided hand open source approach allow them to steer the innovation necessary for enterprise adoption at a faster pace? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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