Ready, Aim, Fire!

Part of this week’s task is also to learn about our target market, and what gets you more in the mood for a target market than target practice? But seriously, our target market is probably more confusing than you’d expect…

(also apologies for the lack of tables in these tasks, I cannot actually create tables in this format)

Target Practice!


. . . . . . . . . our idea.

Plan: Tom of Finland Themed Festival

  • Where: South-West Finland (preferably Tom’s home town)
  • When: Summer months (more specific date to be decided
  • Duration: 3 days camping (with an option of an extra two days in a hostel to encourag foreigners to visit).
  • Age Restriction: 18+

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Target Group

So of course the idea of this entire topic is to encourage tourism. However, we don’t see why we have to restrict ourselves to ONE type of tourism, thus we have opened ourselves up to both domestic and foreign tourism. As we feel that Tom of Finland as a brand is hugely inclusive, we also want to try and keep it inclusive. Therefore in general our plan is as follows:

  • Ages attending: 18+
  • Ages targeted: 20–30

Domestic Specific Factors

  • Common Occupations targeted: Students, Writers, Artists
  • Other Occupations expected: All types.

Foreigner Specific Factors

  • Location: America and Europe (those in EU or with Visa-Free Access)
  • Common Occupations targeted: LGBT groups, Artists, Writers
  • Other Occupations expected: Any Full-Time workers. Hopefully students.

Why We Think This Will Work

The next big thing in marketing isn’t just innovations in products and services, its innovations in what we offer. Experiential Marketing is still relatively new, and something that festivals (such as Tomorrowland) are capitalizing on.

People in our target age group are looking for more than just a service, but an experience. Sky-diving, snorkelling, sleeping in igloos, are just some of the products I’ve seen marketed to me that now use the idea of the “experience” not the activity itself.

People aged between 20 and 30 are always looking for a new way to be adventurous, so we say why not come to Finland and party like Tom of Finland. Its the chance of a lifetime.

Domestic Target Group

  • People aged 20–30 in Finland: Roughly 700,000
Population by Age 2012

Foreign Target Group

“Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30"
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