AI Efforts Across the Globe (Daily Article Review)

The above article discusses about how Tencent (a parent company behind the biggest social network in China, WeChat) is stepping up its Artificial Intelligence game by opening up a new lab in Seattle and hiring talents all across the globe to empower its AI research efforts. WeChat, with more than 800M Monthly Active Users using its services from chatting to payment, has tremendous data assimilated, robust computing power backed by ample capital, as well as potential to apply AI technology to many different services facing millions of users. It is definitely of interest to observe if Tencent will make yet another successful transition from mobile to a newly developing form of human-computer interactions.

This article mentions the difference in tactics Amazon and Alphabet are employing to attain more developers and have them engaged in developing AI apps with the company’s technology, each represented by Alexa and Goolge Assistant. While Amazon is making its AI functionalities limited, yet simpler for even inexperienced developers to get involved, Alphabet is allowing flexibility and complexity in its AI applications. While I advocate Amazon’s approach personally as it will naturally widen its surface area of contact to more developers / audience, attain market dominance, and use that dominance to build even more sophisticated AI apps, the fact Microsoft Cortana is following a similar track to Alphabet by bringing in more complexity suggests that there hasn’t been discovered a clear-winning-strategy yet.