How To Watch Olympics For Free

Don’t have a cable connection? No problem! Here’s a simple solution on how to watch Olympics online for free! Stream PyeongChang Olympics 2018 and enjoy it from anywhere around the world.

Winter Olympics 2018 is this weekend and all preparations are done and taken care of. All fans have alright taken their flight to make the venue. Though there are some fans who are back home with other commitments on the side. If they are in the US, they can get a cable subscription and get access. Though that’s not the only solution. With a few workarounds that they can choose from, they can watch Olympics online for free!

You just need a paid fastest VPN subscription so you can stream 2018 Olympics live for free on different channels like BBC in United Kingdom, CBC in Canada and NBC in the United States. There may be other ways, but this solution with fastest VPN is the best. This is because it allows fastest streaming, unblocks geo-restricted content on BBC, NBC, CBC and other channels around the world. It also has easy to use apps that are compatible with 20+ devices. It also provides unlimited bandwidth and stops your ISPs attempts at internet speed throttling.

List of Online Broadcasting Channels for Winter Olympics 2018

  • NBC Sports (USA)
  • CBC / Sportsnet (Canada)
  • BBC (UK)
  • Eurosport (Europe)
  • Channel 7 (Australia)

How To Watch Olympics Online

There are 2 channels that are absolutely free in their respective region BBC in UK and CBC in Canada. People living outside these countries cannot access it. So all you have to do is bypass these geo-restrictions and watch Olympics online for free.

The easiest way to bypass restrictions is to get a paid VPN account. Get the Fastest VPN to watch Olympics online and you won’t get disappointed. There may be free VPN services available too, but because of millions of free loaders using their app/servers, speed is compromised. That is not the way you want to live stream the big event!

You can watch Winter Olympics online on BBC iPlayer for free. For that you need to be in the UK. If you are not, just connect to the VPN and your work is done.

Without a VPN this is the warning that you will be shown:

However, after you connect to the VPN, you can conveniently stream it live without missing a second of exciting entertainment. VPN lets you bypass geo-blocks and you can watch Olympics on BBC iPlayer live and on-demand on all channels be it any device.

More Options…

Alternative to these channels, we have other workaround that let you watch Olympics online for free such as Kodi, PS4 and Roku

To watch Olympics on Kodi simply download the app. Connect a VPN to you can access all add-ons for particular events that you want to see, which is Olympics in this case. You can also download repositories and get add-ons from there. It is not very complex. Here is a step by step solution on how to watch Olympics on Kodi for free that is tried and tested: . It does definitely work, but you need to have a good VPN server connected in order for it to work.

Similarly, you can watch Olympics on Roku too in just a few steps.

1. Sign up to VPN
2. Configure VPN on Roku through router.
3. Select US or UK server location to watch Olympics
4. Choose NBC

Ta-da. You’re done. If you want more details and want to see elaborated details of how to execute step 2, you can go through this read: LINK.

Enjoy this month of February watching your favorite athletes compete. Bypass geo-restrictions and unblock channels that let you live stream Olympics 2018. Watch Olympics online at great speeds for free with a VPN. Have a great weekend!!