about an ex


You knew me and I knew you.

I called you baby, you called me sweet.

I loved when your eyes turned blue.

You liked waking up next to me.


One for the history books.

A tale of lust and illusion

Mind games and confusion.


We said forever, I thought it was true, but this is no love tale. No longer you whisper, caress, or cajole. I’m not yours darling, let me go.


Its becoming less capable of ruining my day.

When things were good

I’m less of a manic depressive this way.

Your blue eyes shone

What could have gotten in the way of only having fun?


Dark night, short drive home, feeling of loss in my bones

Walls whisper sweetly, provoking memory. So damp is the hour after sunset. Comfort in dreams. Awake with regret until the sun sets.


difference, opposition, chance

independent, always driven, can’t

separate but not equal

that’s what we are

outta your league buddy

I’m a star


We loved, we laughed, we lived.

We cried, we danced, we rejoiced.

Souls twisting in the summer breeze, light and free.

Potential in the abundant sea, floating, drifting

Finding a current separate from together, but remembering

when we had loved.