The things you’re calling facts… Boggles my mind.
Joel Kaartinen

That is exactly what Bitcoin is meant to do and how to fight against the banks, by scaling on-chain. I am sure you have no clue why so let me explain.

Reason bankers can’t control Bitcoin layer is because transactions that happen between two people, is nothing but miners that solve the mathematical problem run by Bitcoin software, are rewarded by block (+ amount of Bitcoin units/coins) and miners use the space in that block to record the transaction that happens between 2 addresses. That’s all miners do, they only keep a record. All Bitcoins (coins) are always contained withing the blockchain. Every Bitcoin that is mined is recorded on the blocks and are assigned to an address, which is existing on the blockchain only also.

The whole transaction is nothing but 1 person saying, here take 1BTC from this address, and “give it” to xxxx address, and miner picks up this request and writes it into a block that he/she mined, and that’s how transaction happens in Bitcoin layer.

Bankers can’t control this as miners are not money transferring entities, while if you look at what Core developers want to do, you would see that they do not want users to use Bitcoin layer… otherwise why would they be blocking the increase of capacity of the Bitcoin blocks? Makes no sense. And reason it makes no sense is because, they are doing this on purpose.

The Lightning Network they want people to use (when and if its ready) does not work like Bitcoin layer does. It uses channels between entities, and all users would need to connect to entities called super nodes, which are nothing but HUBs, which are by nature of network, centralised points of failure and centralised points in the network.

And while miners do not actually transmit any Bitcoin coins from one wallet to another, all they do is write a record that person A gave person B 1BTC. Hubs on the other hand use Proof of Stake principle, meaning the Hub needs to hold certain amount of Bitcoin coins, and when same person A wants to send person B 1BTC, they need to actually give the hub 1BTC, the hub will give 1BTC to next hub, and so on, until that 1BTC reaches person B.

This means that Hubs are acting no different to how existing banking system works, which means they fall into same regulatory set, meaning the government (and the bankers that control the) will end up having the control over the network.

Do you get it now or do I have to draw you a picture also? (figurative speech).

Bottom line is, this is how Bitcoin layer, which is what Bitcoin system, can defeat the control of the bankers… Lighting Network that Core are pushing for, can not. Core are working for the bankers.

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