As an Asian American I am invisible in this country.
David Yi

who knew? — from my perspective 50’s born white guy having lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and worked all over America and growing up in Tucson, my perspective is much different with and regard to the Asian Community. My vision has always been that the family is tighter, education and finances taken more seriously, self employment extremely important, humility and manners essential and incredible kindness extended to everyone. Pleasant with a nice sense of humor and a great capacity to stay focused and not sweat the small stuff is my perception. If anything, my thoughts are that American culture has too much frivolity for the Asian mentality and has therefore been off putting and something that has kept integration at bay. Additionally, American culture is filled with excess drama and at times, filled with war of the words and zero refinement in description of feelings. Free speech 100% unharnessed and no filtering — wrong words used often. As a loan officer in San Francisco, the Asian community and I had a wonderful relationship and I am very fond of their refinement and class.

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